Teaching Portfolio

As a second-year masters student, working with undergraduate students on social research methods, social policy and issues of diversity have been a major component of Rob’s role as a graduate assistant. As of Spring 2018, he has served as a teaching assistant for two classes, co-facilitated sessions for the Douglass Research Academy, and guest lectured in Introductory Sociology and Social Research Methods I & II. On this page, you can learn more about Rob as an educator and explore things such as Rob’s teaching philosophy, guest lecture materials, as well as, student and faculty evaluations.

Curriculum Vitae:

Curriculum Vitae (Under Revision)

Teaching Philosophy:

Teaching Philosophy

Sample Syllabi:

Introductory Sociology Syllabus

Disability and Society Syllabus

Sample Assignment:

Disability and Discrimination Handout

Critical Analysis of a Film (Group Project)

Guest Lectures:

Developing A Social Research Project

Disability Discrimination and The Pyramid of Hate

Presenting in the Professional Setting


Disability, Discrimination, and The Pyramid of Hate Evaluation

Developing a Social Research Project Evaluation

Presenting in a Professional Setting Evaluation